Toronto Seed Library

Toronto has a very dynamic group of gardeners that help to share their love of all things

horticultural with others.  The Toronto Seed Library is one of those hidden gems in our city that

serves as a resource for new and experienced gardeners alike.

What is the Toronto Seed Library you ask?  It is as its name suggests…a library.  The only

difference is that instead of books and periodicals, it is a library for seeds.  Patrons can “borrow”

and “return” seeds just like you would a library book.

With branches all over Toronto and a mobile library, you are likely to find one reasonably close

to where you live, with borrowing privileges open to all.  There are only a few basic rules to

follow such as taking only what you need (and intend to use) and to give back to the library by

returning seeds at the end of the season to make sure the library has seeds available for next

year’s growing season.

Seedy Saturdays

Each spring, the Toronto Seed Library also hosts a series of “Seedy Saturdays” in which the

library moves to neighbourhoods across Toronto with seed exchanges, talks, demonstrations,

and other activities to promote their work and raise funds to expand.

For those just starting out in gardening, this is a great way to find some seeds to plant and to

learn how to get growing.  For those that already have their hands dirty in gardening, Seedy

Saturdays are also a great place to meet your fellow gardeners to share tips, get your hands on

less common seeds, and to learn more advanced techniques such as seed collecting and


For those that live outside of the City of Toronto, there are similar groups sprouting up all over

Canada and internationally.  You can check out the Seeds of Diversity website to find events in other cities and

towns or if one isn’t nearby, consider starting one in your community.


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