Gear Up for Spring Planting With These Toronto Gardening Events

Over the coming weeks, the Toronto area plays host to several events that are geared to the

gardening community.

This weekend, the Toronto Botanical Garden is hosting their annual open house called “Get the

Jump on Spring”.  This show brings together garden and horticultural societies from the GTA,

along with vendors selling seeds and other garden-related supplies, a flower competition, talks

and demonstrations.  The Toronto Master Gardeners will also be on hand to answer any

questions you may have.  Admission to the event is free of charge although a $2 donation is


Seedy Saturdays are also starting up in the next few weeks.  For those of you that have never

heard of Seedy Saturdays, you’ll wish you had a long time ago.

Originating in Toronto in the 1990s, Seedy Saturdays are a seed exchange that takes place in

locations around Toronto and the GTA where you have the opportunity to borrow donate, or

return seeds to the Toronto Seed Library, or purchase seeds from a host of local seed farmers.

At the end of March, Canada Blooms rolls into Toronto.  As Canada’s largest flower and garden

festival, it is a must attend show for anyone interested in gardening.  I will likely write a couple of

blogs about this year’s festival including one on the event itself just prior to its opening day and

one reflecting on my visit.

To find out more about these events, check out my Events page.


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